Procreate Lettering Projects

Discover the powerful features of the Procreate app through hands-on iPad lettering projects

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In this online course, you'll learn how to use the powerful features of the Procreate app to create impressive digital artwork on your iPad

"I've learned much more in six days than I did in trying to self-tutor in the last six months!

It is worth much more than my investment. I never thought I will learn so much. Getting confident on using procreate. Look forward to creating many new projects."

- Anamika L

"Honestly, when I first downloaded Procreate, I opened it and closed it again because I had no clue where to even start. After following the Procreate overview and this first project pack, I know what this powerful program can do. I would never have figured out any of this without the course."

- Jane S


The first three modules give you the groundwork for understanding how to use the app, but mastery comes through applying the features in the context of a real project. You'll learn through 20 step-by-step projects:

  • Project Pack 1 - Make stunning backgrounds, fills, and textures
  • Project Pack 2 - Apply advanced techniques to achieve impressive effects
  • Project Pack 3 - Create depth to bring your artwork to life
  • Project Pack 4 - Add dimension and realism so your work pops off the page
  • Project Pack 5 -A dazzling celebration of brush customization, composition and light

Going through these project lessons, you won't have to struggle to figure out how to create these effects on your own. Plus, you'll be able to apply these techniques to ANY lettering project you create in the future!

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned so very much more than I knew before and I have had Procreate for a year. Jillian and Jordan are very thorough teachers. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for deeper knowledge in Procreate."

- Judy

pssst.... all of the GIFs on this page were created using Procreate!


Charlene was one of the very first students to take Procreate Lettering Projects. She worked through the Project Packs following our step-by-step instructions to create the beautiful work below. We love the way that she's added her own unique spin on each of the designs! She definitely has an eye for design. Make sure you check her out on Instagram for more beautiful, inspiring art on Instagram @charleneshobbyart.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see even more student artwork!

"My iPad has been sitting on a dresser since Dec 2016. It’s great having an iPad Pro but when you don’t know what to do or where to start it’s frustrating and made me feel so guilty for buying such an expensive tool but wasting it by not using it! This course has allowed me to actually create something with my iPad Pro without any frustration or disappointment. The course was perfect 👌."

- Nicole H

Detailed, Step-by-Step Lessons

If you've ever played around with all the features, you know that there are infinite options, which is overwhelming. But you don't have to master every single one -- we'll show you the best settings for lettering that we use most often in our projects.

Each project lesson includes:

  • Step-by-step video demonstration
  • Layer breakdown reference PDF
  • Templates for lettering layouts

You can watch the video lessons as many times as you want, and even slow them down if you're stuck on a certain part. The layer breakdown PDF shows actual screenshots of our project files that you can use as an "Answer Key" to double check your own work.

Extensive Focus on Layers

Are you stumped when it comes to how to use layers? Don't worry, we'll break it all down for you.

Layers are crucial for creating effects like shadows and shading, blends, backgrounds and foregrounds, and most importantly a non-destructive workflow.

You'll learn all the best tips and shortcuts for duplicating, adjusting and grouping layers, using blend modes, plus the exact settings we use (and why).

Real-Life Examples

We'll analyze the details of actual pieces of artwork in several projects to learn how to introduce realism.

We'll study the features that are characteristic of these effects, and then teach you how to re-create them digitally through use of clipping masks, layers, smudging, and blend modes.

One of these watercolor pieces was created 100% digitally!

So what's included in the course?

  • Pre-recorded videos (7+ hours) that you can watch at your own pace
  • 3 custom Procreate calligraphy brushes, 4 sizes of lettering guidelines, and a Procreate project file with import instructions
  • Note-taking workbook PDF including screenshots of all original project layers
  • Gestures and shortcuts cheat sheet
  • Templates for lettering layouts
  • Bonus lessons about creating cut files and realistic mockups
  • Lifetime access and free future updates
  • NEW! 6 more brushes added in Project Pack 5, including our pointed pen brush


1. Traceable Lettering Guides You'll get a digital file to practice your lowercase and uppercase lettering directly in Procreate. These files were created specifically for use with the 3 Custom Loveleigh Loops Procreate brushes that are included with your course enrollment.

2. Bonus Project Pack: Creating mock-ups (no Photoshop required!). You'll learn how to create mockups like the wine glass below (which was created 100% in Procreate!). Mockups allow you to quickly and easily create product images for your online listings without having to physically make each variation or hire a photographer. You can send digital proofs of custom orders without throwing away time and supplies matching your clients' changes.

We also show you how to use Procreate to make cut files, including a demo of making some real vinyl decals!

3. Bonus Course: Procreate Lettering Animations This complete course starts with the basics of animations: how they work, and how they can be created in Procreate. Then, you'll make eight animated projects that each focus on a different type of animation by following our step-by-step lessons.

View all the animation projects here

From basic lettering to depth, dimension, and eye-popping work

The "raspberry cheesecake chunk" piece on the left is great! In fact, we're proud of how it turned out. But it's pretty basic, with limited color variation and features.

The one on the right is based on the exact same lettering but you probably agree that it looks more impressive. In the piece on the right, we've added on these features:

  • Custom color palette
  • Watercolor effect including color blending
  • Subtle floating shadow
  • Textured letters and background
  • Mockup to bring it to life

Just these 5 features have transformed the piece. Each of these effects are taught throughout the project packs.

The moral of the story?

This course will give you the hands-on experience to learn the details of creating special effects in-context so that you can apply them to any of your lettering projects after.

Transform your digital lettering from basic to impressive.

"This is the essential course for anyone who wants to learn or improve their digital lettering skills. I’ve been lettering with the Procreate App for over a year and am blown away by how much I’ve learned in this course.

Jillian and Jordan have made learning Procreate fun, exciting, and intuitive, and the project-based applications within the course provide step-by-step instructions that are systematic and user-friendly. This course is worth every single penny and more!

After a year of trying to learn Procreate on my own at a snail’s pace, I finally have the confidence that comes with receiving a comprehensive, ground-up education."

- Sophie Taylor, College Professor and Calligrapher

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is this course right for me?
This course was designed for people who can relate to either of these statements: (1) "I am brand new to using the iPad for lettering and want to be able to create amazing projects, but I'm afraid to even open the app. I'm overwhelmed" (2) "I have some experience playing around in Procreate but I get stuck when it comes to understanding layers, clipping masks, and other digital art essentials." We recommend having prior lettering knowledge before enrolling.
Can I buy just one of the Project Packs instead of the complete bundle?
Yes! Just scroll down a little bit below this FAQ section and you'll see a list of "Courses Included with Purchase". Click on any of those courses to enroll in them individually. To get just the animations course, head to

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We've specifically designed each project to highlight different features of Procreate so that you'll get hands-on practice for a range of settings.

The chart below shows a summary of the features you'll learn in each project.

(Not into charts and tables? All you really need to know is that each project showcases different ways to use Procreate--you won't just learn the same thing over and over.)

Your Instructor

Jillian & Jordan
Jillian & Jordan

We've helped hundreds of students just like you transform into confident lettering artists. You can do it too, promise.

We were beginners just a few years ago so we completely understand the struggles of starting. The course was designed with those obstacles in mind!

Start your lettering transformation today. We can't wait to see how far you go.

Project Pack 1

Learn how to make stunning backgrounds, fills, and textures with your lettering

Project Pack 2

Apply advanced techniques to achieve impressive effects like neon, glitter, and chalk lettering

Project Pack 3

Create depth to bring your artwork to life with perspective shadows, shading, and intertwining letters.

Project Pack 4

Add dimension and realism so your work pops off the page and looks like the real deal.

Project Pack 5

A dazzling celebration of brush customization, composition and light.

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These classes are so fun! I've learned a ton already and every time I finish a project pack I'm excited for the next one. I can't wait to start experimenting on my own and I'm glad I have the classes to go back to if I need a refresher on anything. A wonderful resource!!

- Britney

I'm proud of the projects I was able to create and thrilled to learn how to use the Procreate app. Having an instructor made all the difference!

- Mary

Thanks to this course, I've learned so many tips and tricks to elevate my Procreate lettering skills. I'm so happy with the finished products, and I can't wait to apply the techniques I learned to other projects. Jillian and Jordan have definitely made me feel more confident in my digital lettering!

- Renee


Check out these awesome projects created by students of Procreate Lettering Projects! Search their names on Instagram to find even more of their artwork.

Share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #ProcreateLetteringProjects and tag us @loveleighloops for the chance to be featured.

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1. Understand how to navigate the best iPad lettering app, called Procreate

Everything from what all the buttons are and where to find them to importing files and brushes. You'll get a shortcut cheat sheet and three custom brushes that we created specifically for the course, too.

2. Learn how (and why) to use its powerful features

Layers, masks, clipping masks... what do all of these mean? Confusing at first, we'll break down these digital art essentials so you can actually understand them.

3. Create amazing digital lettering projects

We'll walk you through 16 hands-on projects that show advanced features in context. Trust us, the Overlay layer blend mode makes much more sense when you use it in the Reflection project, rather than just talking about it hypothetically ;)

You'll learn the what AND the why of each step of the process.