In this online course, you'll learn how to use the powerful features of the Procreate App to create impressive digital artwork on your iPad.

Create these iPad projects together with us, step-by-step:

Colorful Backdrop

Gradient Letters

Galaxy Background

Offset Outline

Neon Glow

Glitter Lettering

Chalkboard Mockup

Chalk Lettering

Perspective Shadow


Intertwining Letters

Bring a Photo to Life

Ribbon Lettering

3D Shadow Letters

Watercolor Effect

Paper Cut-Out

Art Deco Style
The Northern Lights


Gem Letters

BONUS projects + lifetime updates

"Absolutely loving this course.

Instructions are clear and I appreciate the fact that you have mistakes “built in” to illustrate what to do or why something isn’t working."

-Angela I.

You'll get everything you need to create these projects on your own

- Step-by-step videos that you can pause and re-watch

- Color swatches and custom brushes

- Lettering templates and guidesheets

- Layer screenshots of original files to check your work

- A forum to submit questions and receive support from us

- Lifetime access and future updates

It's worth it to enroll - you'll learn so many different techniques in each project. Jillian and Jordan are great teachers with wonderful ideas. Each project pack is detailed and comprehensive.

I've had many lightbulb moments throughout the courses, which not only ended with a great finished product, but also gave me ideas for my own personal Procreate projects.

- Renee Ransbottom, @reneelynnlettering

Course Preview:

"I constantly rave about this course! I tell everyone they won’t regret it, it’s easy to follow and you will learn so much.

I’m kinda cheap and was on the fence for a bit before I purchased. But I really wanted to learn how to use procreate to its fullest potential and I knew this course would help me do that. The videos were easy to follow and I finished each one with little difficulty."

- Andi​ @artfulandi,

What Students are Saying...

"I've learned much more in six days than I did in trying to self-tutor in the last six months! It is worth much more than my investment. I never thought I will learn so much. Getting confident on using procreate. Look forward to creating many new projects." - Anamika L

"Honestly, when I first downloaded Procreate, I opened it and closed it again because I had no clue where to even start. I would never have figured out any of this without the course." - Jane S

"These classes are so fun! I've learned a ton already and every time I finish a project pack I'm excited for the next one. I can't wait to start experimenting on my own and I'm glad I have the classes to go back to if I need a refresher on anything. A wonderful resource!!" - Britney

"I'm proud of the projects I was able to create and thrilled to learn how to use the Procreate app. Having an instructor made all the difference!" - Mary

"Thanks to this course, I've learned so many tips and tricks to elevate my Procreate lettering skills. I'm so happy with the finished products, and I can't wait to apply the techniques I learned to other projects. Jillian and Jordan have definitely made me feel more confident in my digital lettering!" - Renee

"This is good for people who are comfortable with ProCreate also but need ideas. These projects can be created in so many variations that some experienced people may not have known. This is perfect for anyone wanting to create on their iPad Period!!! Amazing.

This course has allowed me to actually create something without any frustration or disappointment. ​The course was perfect👌."

- Nicole H​ @nickys_letters_n_stuff

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Here's what's included in the Procreate Lettering Projects course:

Intro to Procreate ($47)

Learn how to navigate the Procreate app and use brushes, layers, masks, and more.

Project Pack 1 ($47)

Learn how to make stunning backgrounds, fills, and textures with your lettering.

Project Pack 2 ($47)

Apply advanced techniques to achieve impressive effects like neon, glitter, and chalk lettering.

Project Pack 3 ($47)

Create depth to bring your artwork to life with perspective shadows, shading, and intertwining letters.

Project Pack 4 ($47)

Add dimension and realism so your work pops off the page and looks like the real deal.

Project Pack 5 ($97)

A dazzling celebration of brush customization, composition and light

BONUS Lessons ($47)

Learn how to use Procreate for making cut files and realistic mockups

BONUS Lessons ($47)

Learn how to create animated GIFs in nine projects using the Procreate app

Brushes and Templates ($47)

9 custom Loveleigh Loops Procreate brushes, 20 lettering templates and color swatches, alphabet guides, and more

Total Value of individual items: $473

Bundled together for just $247

No annual subscription. Access your course for life AND get free lifetime updates.


What supplies do I need to complete the course?

Great question! You'll definitely need an iPad that's compatible with the Procreate app, and a stylus to write with. We recommend the Apple Pencil, as it's the only one that works with all the features of the app. You can double-check your supplies here:

You'll also need a device to watch the videos on. We recommend using a computer or smartphone to watch the lessons on while you follow along on your iPad.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Is this course right for me?

This course was designed for people who can relate to either of these statements: (1) "I am brand new to using the iPad for lettering and want to be able to create amazing projects, but I'm afraid to even open the app. I'm overwhelmed" (2) "I have some experience playing around in Procreate but I get stuck when it comes to understanding layers, clipping masks, and other digital art essentials." We recommend having prior lettering knowledge before enrolling.

Can I buy just one of the Project Packs instead of the complete bundle?

Yes! Go to to find the individual course checkout page.

What if you add more projects, do I have to buy those?

Nope! If you buy Procreate Lettering Projects, you get free access to future project packs.

Do I have to pay an annual subscription?

Nope! After purchasing the course, you have lifetime access.

Is it worth the price?

Here's what we think: You've already made the choice to invest in an iPad. We'd hate for that investment to go to waste! We'll show you how to make the most of your iPad so you can create art that you're proud of, and feel accomplished and confident in your skills.

We asked our students if they thought the price of the course was worth it, and here's what a few of them said:

"Yes, especially with the lifetime updates."

"Yes completely! After comparing other course for the iPad and what they offered this was the best option. I wanted to create something on the iPad but I didn’t know what or how to start. Knowing how to do something isn’t helpful if you don’t know what to do with that knowledge. I needed directions and this course gave it."

"Yes, absolutely."

Extensive Focus on Layers

Are you stumped when it comes to "layers"? Maybe you've heard how important they are, but you're not sure why.

Don't worry--we'll break it all down for you.

Layers are crucial for creating effects like shadows and shading, blends, backgrounds and foregrounds, and most importantly, a non-destructive workflow.

You'll learn all the best tips and shortcuts for duplicating, adjusting and grouping layers, using blend modes, masks, clipping masks, and the exact settings we use (and why).

Real-Life Examples

We'll analyze the details of actual pieces of artwork in several projects to learn how to introduce realism.

We'll study the features that are characteristic of these effects, and then teach you how to re-create them digitally through use of clipping masks, layers, smudging, and blend modes.

One of these watercolor pieces was created 100% digitally!

Did you know that Procreate records a video of your entire project?

You can view hyperlapsed videos of your own work in Procreate by going to Actions > Video > Time-lapse Replay.

Here's an example of the Confetti project:

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Check out these awesome projects created by students of Procreate Lettering Projects! Search their names on Instagram to find even more of their artwork. Share your work on Instagram with the hashtag #ProcreateLetteringProjects and tag us @loveleighloops for the chance to be featured.

"I am having a blast learning Procreate thru your lessons!! I really feel I have learned so much and am so happy with the way my first projects turned out. I even did an initial project on my own, but couldn't have come close to doing it without your instructions!!" - Susie B.

Project Pack 5 Review:


Before: I felt ready for the project. I had completed all of the other Project Packs and have been using Procreate for a few months.

After: I felt like I understood a lot of features I had not used very much including blend modes and the smudge tool.

Even if the projects look intimidating, how they are broken down and each step is explained clearly and is very easy to follow.

Anyone can do it!"

- Lauren Rovner

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