Download the Files (Procreate Brush and Workbook)

There are two ways you can download the files:

Option 1: Open this lesson in your iPad browser. Tap the brush and workbooks links below to download directly to your iPad.

OR, Option 2: Download the files below to your computer and save them to a file sharing app like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then open the shared file location on your iPad.

Quick note: by downloading these Copyrighted files, you agree to our terms. Sharing, replicating, copying, or selling this brush and/or workbook in any capacity is strictly forbidden.

Download the Procreate Brush: Loveleigh Brush ABCs

Download the Procreate Workbook: iPad Calligraphy Basics Workbook

Once you've downloaded and located the files on your iPad, simply tap on each file and they will automatically import into Procreate (download the Procreate App here if you don't have it yet). The workbooks will show up at the top of your main Gallery. You'll find the brush in the "Imported" brush set of your brush library.

Need help downloading/importing the files? Watch the video in the next lesson.

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