My brush isn’t working, help!

  • Check brush opacity: Drag the bottom slider on the side of your screen up to 100%
  • Make sure you have the brush selected, not the eraser
  • Make sure your color isn’t the same as your background color

3 Ways to erase the layer

  • Change your brush to the eraser and erase the strokes
  • Open the layers menu, tap the layer and choose Clear
  • Shortcut: Take 3 fingers and scrub quickly back and forth on the screen

How to export an image of your work

  • Show/hide your layers in the layer menu until the screen is showing exactly what you want to share
  • Go to Actions (Wrench) > Share > Share Image > PNG > Save image to iPad
  • Find the image in your Photos app

I can only draw straight lines

  • Open Layers
  • Find the layer that says “Assisted”
  • Tap the layer and uncheck “Drawing Assist”
  • If that doesn’t work, re-import the workbook

I’m still having trouble and none of these answers have helped

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