Brush Lettering Bootcamp

A step-by-step online course for beginning letterers who want to master the basics of brush lettering

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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered, "How did they get so good at brush lettering?"

The videos you see look effortless. You pick up your own brush pen and try to create what you saw but your strokes are shaky, you have no control of the brush, and you don’t know what to do next.

“I’ll never be as good as her.”

“I know my letters don’t look right, but I’m not sure how to fix them.”

“If only someone could tell me exactly what to practice so that I actually improve.”

You can turn your interest in brush lettering into a lifelong skill that will pay you back in more ways than one.

And it doesn’t take any magic. It just takes practice, feedback, accountability, and the right strategies, which we've perfected and compiled into an online course called Brush Lettering Bootcamp.

Brush Lettering Bootcamp is a collection of the most powerful and effective lessons for learning brush lettering in a step-by-step online course that will turn your shaky letters into beautiful, confident art.

We believe that anyone can learn brush lettering. You don’t need beautiful handwriting, you don’t need a fine arts degree, and you definitely don’t need endless free time.

We've created this curriculum to put you on the right track to succeed at your own pace.

Plus, it's all in one place, so no more scouring the internet or bookmarking a bunch of different sites. With this system, you can easily track your progress and not miss a single step in your journey.


Wanna hear the class chatter? Here's what current students are saying...

  • "I'm totally the person who went, "Ooooooh, THAT'S why my ascending stem loops are smaller than my descending ones!"..."

  • "I never knew these finer points and they are so helpful. And the little tip about the thin stoke size....AMAZING!!"

  • "I am so impressed with the materials and details of this course. All the information is taught at a great pace and with just the right amount of detail and examples."

  • "Even though I knew it was suppose to be more pressure on down strokes and less on up strokes, I just wasn't getting it until I saw how you taught it."

Interested in the specifics of what you'll learn?

We thought you might be. Here's an overview:

  • The Fundamentals
    • What is brush lettering? Find out what it is (and isn’t)
    • A demonstration of 8 different brush pens (6 large, 2 small) and pros/cons of each
    • How to use the brush pen and guide sheets: Learn the correct angle and grip, how to create stroke variation, and how to use the guide sheets. Plus: Are your strokes too thin?
    • Fundamental strokes: A detailed breakdown of the basic components of the letterforms including angles, shade placement, transitions, white space
  • Lowercase letters
    • Alphabet broken down into groupings based on their fundamental strokes to help reinforce important combination-specific strokes,
    • Deep dives into “don’ts” of each grouping (for both left and right-handed letterers)
    • Emphasis on exactly where to lift your pen and place the tip back down for every stroke
    • Overview of letter variations, including traditional and modern variants
  • Troubleshooting
    • 8 steps to combat shakiness
    • 7 tips for creating consistency
    • How to transition between thicks & thins:
      • Multiple lessons specific to right-handed and left-handed letterers
      • What’s happening when your shade isn’t working and why?
      • A deep dive into ovals using the “crescent” method
      • A look at hand and finger movement
      • A special lesson for lefties on how to position the tools to achieve better results.
  • Letter Connections
    • How to categorize letters by exit/entrance type, how to connect every possible combination of strokes, and where to lift your pen on long connections
    • Example words to show the concepts in action, plus the one thing that all connections have in common
    • Double letter connections tips and examples
    • Tricky letter connections based on requests from prior students
  • Capital letters
    • The 3 principles of creating capital letters and numbers
    • Breaking down the modern and traditional capital alphabet into the 3 main elements
    • How to write the capital alphabet in two styles
  • Numbers & Punctuation
    • Traditional numbers including shade placement, where to lift the pen, and how to create consistency
    • Punctuation Variations on the most common marks and examples of them in use
    • Special accents for multilingual characters
  • Bonus: Illustrative Tools & Techniques with Brush Pens
    • Learn 7 additional tools and techniques:
      • Blending (2 methods), 3 styles of shadows plus our shadowing cheat sheet, embellishments, watercolor intro, embossing, brush pen florals, greenery and wreaths

Lessons come in the form of video lessons and printable worksheets. Please note that this course is completely online. No physical product will be shipped to you. You will have lifetime access to the materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I have already taken a brush lettering class?
Unless the class you've taken was online, you probably only kept the worksheets and pens you received. With this online course, you will have lifetime access to video lessons that you can re-watch as many times as you need - even months from now.
Do I have to buy a bunch of expensive supplies?
Unlike other hobbies that require you to invest in a bunch of fancy, costly gear, all you need to get started with brush lettering is a brush pen and smooth paper. Yes, that’s it! We have a supply guide uploaded to the course with specific recommendations for brands of pens and paper that work best. If you already have some supplies and you aren’t sure if they will work, feel free to send us an email so we can help you out: hello@loveleighloops.com Please note that you will need to print the worksheets yourself - either on a home printer or at a print shop.
What if I'm a lefty?
Don't believe the myth that you can't do calligraphy if you're left-handed! We included lefty tips throughout the modules, plus a whole entire lecture just for you on trouble-shooting common problems.
How do I get feedback on my work?
Select the payment option titled: "BLB Course PLUS 6 weeks of Individual Feedback" to get this insane deal. Yep, you'll get personalized feedback on every single assignment you complete each of the 6 weeks, plus weekly Q&A live video critiques.

Here's what people are saying about Brush Lettering Bootcamp and our teaching style:

Jillian and Jordan are absolutely wonderful teachers. They break everything down for you and make it easy to learn. Their feedback is always helpful and constructive while being kind.

- Mindy, Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

"At Week 3, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOO MUCH to Jordan and Jillian! I came into this course not as an absolute beginner, but as someone whose lettering journey was stuck at the train station.

Everything we've covered thus far has been super helpful, especially this week's delving deeper into transitioning from thick to thin. This part alone has been worth more than the price of this course.

I have downloaded many other workbooks and followed some pretty awesome brush lettering folks but never has the transitions been covered in this way. I have a long way to go but this week has been my lightbulb moment."

- Cindy N, Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

"I would try to follow YouTube videos and free online tutorials, but I just couldn’t grasp the connection between what I was trying to do and what I needed to do in order to get better.

I feel that having the guided lesson with live critiques was invaluable. It helped keep me on track and stay focused."

- Aileen F., Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

"My experience with Loveleigh Loops has been exceptional! Their content is specific and they are quick to point out areas of difficulty in their videos and elaborate on them.

The feedback they provide on the homework is invaluable! You can tell these ladies love what they're doing because it shows in the progress of their students."

- Kat C. Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

"If you are on the fence about making this investment of your time and money—you should absolutely go for it. Jordan & Jillian are incredible teachers who have taught me everything I know about lettering.

They have given me a skill and hobby that I never thought I had the artistic or creative abilities to tackle, but they make lettering approachable by breaking it down to the fundamentals at every level and teaching the “why” behind the muscle memory of the strokes.

Their patience and skills are unmatched and I am incredibly grateful."

- Heather H. Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

Your Instructor

Jillian & Jordan
Jillian & Jordan

We've helped hundreds of students just like you transform into confident lettering artists. You can do it too, promise.

We were beginners just a few years ago so we completely understand the struggles of starting. The course was designed with those obstacles in mind!

Start your lettering transformation today. We can't wait to see how far you go.

Is this course right for me?

Brush Lettering Bootcamp is for the aspiring letterer who is serious about learning, is willing to put in the work and understand the "why" behind the letterforms, and wants to learn how to improve, the right way. This course is perfect for complete beginners. The program will take some work, but we promise to guide you through it.

If you are just dabbling in hand lettering for a moment but you'll be ready to move on to the next DIY hobby by tomorrow, then this course probably isn't right for you. No hard feelings though, okay? You can always come back when you're ready - the course will be waiting for you.

Here are some descriptions of students who have taken our course. Do any of them sound like you?

  • You want to earn (or save) money by creating home decor, greeting cards, or invitation addressing
  • You want to tap into your creative side that hasn't had a chance to play in a few years
  • You want to learn a new hobby because you're on a break, recovering from surgery, or otherwise are at a crossroads
  • ...But you also don't have all the time in the world and want to learn in the most strategic way possible without wasting time
  • You've tried learning calligraphy on your own but - like most other skills - it's easier to learn with a step-by-step, all-in-one system
  • You've thought about taking a calligraphy workshop but can't find one in your city, you're more of a "back row" kind of student, or you're afraid you'll forget what you learned in class when you go home to practice
  • You like trying something new for personal growth

Remember how we told you that we were beginners not long ago?

In 2015 we knew that we had potential, but we didn't know how to improve, we were frustrated, and we felt overwhelmed by the resources scattered all over the internet.

We've spent over 3 years studying the art and compiling all of the best tips so that you don't have to waste time. You can copy the strategies we've developed and start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

You'll have your own before & after picture WAY sooner than you think.

Get started now!